Win the Prices of Nexsing Season One.

"Break the Stage and take over the Nexsing Music Contest will be aworded a sum of 2 Million and many other prices will be giving to the winner he also win a record deal with High Rock Studio We are geared towards accepting everybody, solo singers and group singers with unique raw singing talents and showcasing them through a live TV broadcast and on our website and on other social media platforms. Aims to search to raw vocal talents, to raise them, build and promote them, follow, supervise and market them, see them in turn raise the younger generation....


The NEXSING MUSIC Competitions are a selection process to determine the young talents taking part of the 1st edition of the High Rock Music Academy (dates to be determined yet). The 3 prize winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will get an invitation to participate at the High Rock Music Academy having the chance to spend time with prestigious mentors.

On top of that, the following prizes will be given:

First prize winner receives:

  • - Two audio songs plus a video.
  • - A certificate.
  • - A record deal at the High Rock Music Studios, located in the Bomaka Buea South West Region Cameroon. (The Artist will be able to use free of charge the recording for further commercial exploitation. Other conditions (logistics) will be sent to the 1st prize winner for 2017/2018.
Second prize winner receives:

  • - A recording session at the High Rock Music Studios for one audio song .
  • - A certificate.
  • Third prize winner receives:

    • - A recording session at the High Rock Music Studios for one audio song .
    • - A certificate.
    • Recording and Broadcasting Rights

      The NEXSING or its successor has the right to record the sound (the «Audio Recording») and visuals (the «Video Recording») of all Artist’s performances during the competition and any other venues concerning the Next Superstar Singer Music Talent Search Competition and the High Rock Music Academy now and in the future and to exploit the same, without payment of any compensation to Artist, for all forms of worldwide television and radio (including for news and information purposes), Internet streaming (including free on-demand streaming) and on any kind of commercial audio device or commercial audiovisual device (including download) now known or hereafter developed. The Next Superstar Singer Music Talent Search Competition, NEXSING or its successor has the right to use Artist’s name and likeness, as well as the right to use the Audio Recording and the Video Recording for the promotion of the NEXSING. If the Artist grants an interview recorded or filmed by or on behalf of the NEXSING, such interview may be utilized in connection with the rights granted above.

Comments (2)

  • Pro Stand
    13 July 2017

    Wow bro it a good idea to share out my talent to the world through Nexsing.

  • Bass
    10 July 2017

    I just discover a new way to run a music scale using your Juegle and that really hlep me to discover some thing new.

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NEXSING is a universal Voice contest. Break the Silence, Take the Stage, Break the Rules and win the Universal voice NEXSING contest.

NEXSING is a platform that projects the Cameroon, African Music industries to Africa and the rest of the world. It is a glamorous celebration of artistry honoring excellence in African raw vocal talents