Supernatural Voice Of Nexsing.

"THE NEXT SUPERSTAR SINGER (NEXSING) is borne to the world with aim to raise the next generations of musical legends. Being a music singing talent search competition, we are out to grand the golden opportunity for solo and group singers to kick up with their professional career in music. The different contestant artists go the extra mile to crown queen or king of this year’s edition. The competition is done in two phase: the pre-selection phase which the Audition phase carryon in the different cities around Cameroon, Africa and the world. The final stage which is live Show competition with evictions from the decisions of the judges and votes from our online and offline audience. NEXSING is powered by High Rock Production Company Limited, an institution for creation, promotion, advertisement of music and film and audio-visual products..

NEXSING is a universal Voice contest. Break the Silence, Take the Stage, Break the Rules and win the Universal voice NEXSING contest” We are geared towards accepting everybody, solo singers and group singers with unique raw singing talents and showcasing them through a live TV broadcast and on our website and on other social media platforms. Aims to search to raw vocal talents, to raise them, build and promote them, follow, supervise and market them, see them in turn raise the younger generation.


  • 1. Talent hunt phase
  • 2. Audition phase
  • 3. Boot camp phase
  • 4. LIVE TV Show or the Grand Final

The Next Superstar Singer Music Talent Search Competition, NEXSING or its successor has the right to use Artist’s name and likeness, as well as the right to use the Audio Recording and the Video Recording for the promotion of the NEXSING. If the Artist grants an interview recorded or filmed by or on behalf of the NEXSING, such interview may be utilized in connection with the rights granted above.